Mat Cleaning Services
IPS has designed, built, and patented the most efficient mat cleaning system available today.  This multi-stage, computerized system cleans approximately 500 mats per shift.  Click here to watch a brief overview of our Mat Washing system.

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Engineering & Design Assistance
IPS can provide specifications, drawings, and buoyancy calculations for your upcoming project.  We can review existing construction documents, or aid in designing a buoyancy control system for your pipeline.  We are pleased to provide budgetary estimates and order of magnitude proposals for feasibility studies.  IPS prides itself on providing input from conception through construction.  Contact us with your needs, regardless of where or when your upcoming work will be taking place.

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Pipeline Concrete Weight Coating
IPS uses the form-applied method of concrete coating.  Typical concrete density for weight coating ranges from between 140 and 145 pounds per cubic foot, though somewhat heavier densities can be achieved for specific applications.  Concrete thickness is determined by the use of high-density plastic spacers cut to the desired thickness of the concrete.  

Wire reinforcement is placed in one or more layers around the pipe and sheet metal formwork is placed around the reinforcement.  The spacer blocks serve a dual purpose; to hold the reinforcing wire in place and to keep the formwork at the proper distance from the pipe.  Steel strapping is placed around the sheet metal to affix it in place.  Wooden stops are placed at the ends of the formwork to seal it, and an opening is left in the top of the formwork for the purpose of concrete placement.

The form-applied method can be utilized on individual joints, in pipe strings, and on existing in-service lines.

This methodology is typically used for pipe diameters up to 48-inches and concrete coating thicknesses up to 9-inches +/-.  For larger pipe diameters and thicker concrete coatings IPS uses custom designed rigid metal formwork.  Contact us with your requirements.

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Pipeline Concrete Protective Coating
IPS uses the same methodology to apply its protective coating as it uses to apply its weight coating (see the above paragraph).  Densities for protective coating are lower than weight coating, between 135 and 140 pounds per cubic foot, but compressive strengths generally run much higher than comparable weight coatings.  Accurate concrete thicknesses of down to ¾ of an inch can be achieved.  Let us know how we can help.

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Pipeline Weights
IPS offers a full line of set-on type concrete saddle weights.  We offer both industry standard sizes as well as oversize weights for most common pipe diameters.  Each weight is cast with protective padding embedded in the saddle in order to provide a protective layer between the pipe and the concrete.

IPS can custom design and build bolt-on weights for your specific application if needed.  Contact us with your requirements.

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Geotextile Weights
The geotextile fabric weight (GFW), is a system of top-loading, gravel filled compartments that straddle a pipeline to achieve buoyancy control.

The weight is used as an alternative to concrete weights.  The geotextile weight is a “soft” weight and will not damage the pipe during or after installation.  It is low profile so requires less ditch depth, and has a lower center of gravity than comparable concrete weights so can be used in a wetter environment with less potential for tipping off the pipe.

Another advantage of the geotextile weight is the provision of greater negative buoyancy per pound than with a concrete weight.  The density of limestone, the most commonly available aggregate in the United States, is typically 160 to 165 pounds per cubic foot, about 12% greater than ready-mixed concrete, so the displacement is proportionally less, pound for pound.  

The geotextile system provides an effective, environmentally friendly and economical solution to your weighting requirements.
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Polyurethane Foam (PUF) Applications
IPS has a fleet of PUF application equipment and skilled personnel for the on-site provision of Ditch Breakers, Pipe Pillows, and other PUF applications.  Our equipment is variously mounted on 2x6 straight trucks, 6x6 straight trucks, and/or containerized for skid mounting in order to be able to fully address all of your Polyurethane Foam requirements, no matter how challenging the terrain.

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Sandbags can be provided loose, palletized, or in bulk bags.  Depending on your requirements, IPS can either ship directly from our sandbagging plant to you, or mobilize a portable plant to your work site.  A typical production rate is 3500 to 5000 sandbags per plant per shift.  Contact us with your requirements.

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Seeding & Restoration
IPS offers full seeding and right-of-way restoration services.  We own a complete line of John Deere, Vermeer, Finn, and ASV equipment.  Our services include (but are in no way limited to) drill/broadcast seeding and hydro-seeding, discing, chisel plowing,  lime/fertilizer spreading, blown mulch, and erosion control installation  (i.e. mats, silt fence etc.)  Let us know how we can help.    

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Cast in Place
IPS provides cast in place services for pipelines and stations including sleepers, slabs, piers, curbing, and scraper pads.  Contact us with your requirements.

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Special Products & Services
IPS is expanding its product and services lines regularly.  If you don’t see what you need here, contact us, and let us know what we can do for you.

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